As developers of industrial properties, we’ve not only provided the space needed by smaller businesses to grow and produce for our community, we’ve also created investment opportunities for others.

A local plumbing supply warehouse came to Backus Building Co. in need of a solution for their business. What we designed and produced for them was not only suited to their needs, but was capable of being used for other business types. This made it possible for the plumbing supply company to sell off their building quickly when it was no longer a viable option in a slowing economy. Today, Verde Valley Rentals benefits from its design and functionality.

We as owner/builders began developing industrial wharehouses for small business used for storage, production, and design. Below are a few examples of more recent developments.

Warehouse 1

Lot 120 Warehouse

Lot 121 Warehouse

For more information on our industrial warehouse spaces available or for investment opportunities, please contact us!

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